My first knit top

New look 6150 (view c)
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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I finished the top to go under the Effie Trinket suit. This was my first time working with a knits pattern, and my 2nd time working with knits at all (the green fabric on Catherine’s ren fest dress was the first).
It sewed up well, but I either did it wrong or think I expected more forgiveness in terms of figure flattery (hence the extreme camera angle in photo #2). Is Reese’s pumpkin season over yet? Yay for spanx.

I have been avoiding working with knits. The book I started learning to sew from had a “don’t bother. This is really difficult” attitude about knits, but I needed a fairly form fitting shirt in a hurry, and this was only 3 pieces (4 if you count the arm facings, which I didn’t bother with), no darts, and no zipper. I picked a Jersey knit from Joann with 50% stretch (4″ stretched to 6″). The pattern has a guide on the envelope to help you pick a fabric with the right amount of stretch (I didn’t realize this until after I got home. I just eyeballed it and picked something that looked similar in weight and texture to what the model on the envelope was wearing).
I used a size 80/12 Jersey needle and my machine’s stretch stitch (looks like an italics zig-zag). Maybe I’m just lucky. It was FINE. My sewing machine didn’t explode, and the sewing gods didn’t come down and laugh that I would dare to even think about knits.
The shirt isn’t perfect, but it’s totally wearable for a Halloween costume, and maybe even for work.
I have ordered myself some cute knit fabric, and I won’t be skipping that section of the pattern catalogs any more!

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