Effie trinket costume

I started thinking about this costume in March, and spent most of September straightening out the pattern changes.
It was a lot of work, and I tweaked the design more than anything else I've made, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

This is the inspiration for the outfit:
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App (Effie is the one on the left)
And here I am in my finished costume:

I previously wrote about the black top (which I forgot to mention was New Look 6150) in this entry, so here's my notes for the suit:
Fabric is a tussah silk I got for a bargain at Gail K. ; It looks kind of pink to me in these photos, but in real life it's kind of a cross between wine and eggplant in color- somewhere in between maroon and a true purple. ; It's lined in a hot pink rayon. ;
Pattern: Simplicity 1919, view A was my base for the suit.
The sleeves were obviously my biggest design change. ; I scored a vintage Butterick 6961 for $1, and started with the view B sleeves. ; The pouf was not quite poufy enough, but after 3 attempts in muslin, I followed this tutorial on Burda and got the amount of poufyness that felt right.
I also changed the peplum by making it fuller, following the tutorial in last month's (Nov. 2012) Thread's magazine. ; After I did that (in muslin), it looked a little long, so I shortened it by about 3" for my final pattern (I didn't muslin making it shorter).
For the skirt, the only design change I made was I didn't do the gathered flouncy portion in the back (see the technichal drawing for view E). ; I thought about a few different ways to interpret the ruching in Effie's skirt, but it boiled down to not having enough fabric, time, or skill that I felt was needed to do it justice, so I stuck with a simple pencil skirt.

This was a time consuming project, but I really enjoyed it. ; I wasn't aiming for complete screen accuracy, but I wanted to be close enough that I wouldn't be a laughing stock if I held it up as my attempt at cosplay at some kind of nerd convention. ; I haven't done a costume for myself before, much less try to recreate something, but I had a lot of fun both getting into the details of what was on screen, and also adding my own ideas to the piece (like the frog closure).

See more pics:

I'm pretending to do the reaping. "Peeta Malark!"

My family thought it would be funny to pretend to reap the little one. Big sister is too busy laughing to even think about volunteering.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us We went to a costume party Saturday night. My MIL as Joan of Arc, my Husband as "Julius Ceasar's revenge"

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