Avery’s thanksgiving dress

It’s been quite a while since I sewed something for Avery. This is mostly because between her sister’s hand me downs, impulse purchases, and gifts, the kid has at least 2 kids worth of clothes. Recently, she’s been asking about every project “is that a dress for me?”, and she hasn’t been upset to hear it hasn’t been, but the Mom guilt was starting to get to me. Also, there are so many cute patterns for kids her age.
I’ve had Simplicity 1793 in my pattern stash for a while, and Thanksgiving seemed a good opportunity to try it out.

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She was happy to model it.:) She wore the turtleneck with her school uniform today, but she has a lime green shirt to wear underneath on Thanksgiving.
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The straps cross and then pull through button holes.
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First thing we have to do is test out the twirl.
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She likes it!!!

The dress construction was fairly simple. The zipper (at the side seam) was the worst thing. I apparently fail at installing the conventional zipper. I eventually gave up and went with an invisible zipper.
I used 3 rows of basting stitches for gathering. Normally, I just use 2, but since this is kind of a special occasion dress, I wanted really even gathers, and the 3rd row makes that a lot easier. One of the rows landed outside the seam allowance, but once the gathered piece is attached to whatever piece it needs to be sewn to, it’s OK to take out any visible basting stitches.

I’m pretty darn proud of how this looks from the inside too.
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I got the ribbon for this purpose, but I didn’t think I had time to get it sewn on. Then I remembered I had a roll of 1/4″ steam a seam, and I ironed that sucker in place. I’ll go back after the holiday and reinforce with needle and thread, but this seemed like a quick and cute way to cover the ugly, thicker seams of 3 or more layers of fabric, and it will prevent shedding from the raw edges from following Avery around like pigpen from Peanuts.
I do still need to learn to use my serger. I want to see how well this holds up in the wash too since I think covering thick edges this way is a lot more fun.

I like this dress. It was pretty quick to put together it took maybe 8 hours, but probably should have been more like 6 if I weren’t zipper incompetent. It turned out super cute and can be worn in any season. The pattern also comes with a size for an American Girl size doll, which I’d like to make sometime from scraps.

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