Tiramisu update: know when to fold ’em

I spent some time yesterday attempting to fix my Tiramisu dress following the really nice feedback I got from StephC, helpful folks on pattern review, and elsewhere.

My 2nd try came out better, but the midriff section was still pulling up at the point where the front overlapping bodice piece met the midriff, so I am unfortunately chalking this one up to poor fabric choice and moving on.

The fabric I tried to work this dress in was a cotton ribbed knit with about 15% stretch.  I mistakenly assumed the low stretch would mean the fabric would be easier to work with.  What I failed to consider was the lack of recover-ability of the fabric once stretched, and the fact that even typical handling of the fabric that you’d do when assembling a garment could pull it out of shape.

On my second go-round, I used the walking foot and stabilized the seam, but that wasn’t enough to make that midriff look right all the way around.

The good news is, a 30 minute/day sew along for Tiramisu starts tomorrow, and while I’m a little Tiramisu’ed out to participate, you can bet I will be watching and learning, and I am confident I will work this pattern in the future with a better outcome.

Thanks to everyone that took a look, offered advice, or just commiserated.  I hope nobody was put off from trying the pattern because of my lack of experience and poor fabric choice.  It’s a good pattern that many people have worked with ease and success, and it has the best instructions and diagrams I have seen in a pattern so far.  Plus how many pattern drafters from a Big 4 would stop by your blog to offer help??  StephC, you are so nice, and I will definitely be trying again.  Thank you!!!

6 thoughts on “Tiramisu update: know when to fold ’em

  1. *hugs* have some booze, chocolate and/or coffee (tira ingredients) and feel better. Those kinds of knits (low stretch, low recovery) can be a bit tricky for sure.

  2. It’s a shame- those teacups are really cute- but I understand that sometimes you’ve just got to toss bad fabric. I was so frustrated with my tiramisu I had to put it down for a week. In the end, things turned out. I know your next one will be great!

    • Thanks. I’m going to try to salvage a skirt with the teacup print since I still have the skirt and pocket pieces cut and ready to go.
      I have a few yards of the same knit fabric in a pineapple print that I’m not sure what to do with. I think I need to break out my serger and learn to use it.

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