Blog awards and other navel gazing




The lovely Ginger nominated me for 3 blog awards!  That really tickled me to get a  mention since I really only started this blog about a month ago (my older posts- I transferred over here from my personal blog).

I’m supposed to list 7 things about myself as part of this, so here you go:

1.  My first experience with sewing was in 1989.  I was in 4th grade, and my Girl Scout troop had decided to go for the sewing badge.  I made a very simple straight skirt out of an ugly blue calico.  My seams were terribly crooked, but I wore it more often that I should probably admit.  One of my friends was in the troop, and her skirt turned out perfectly.  I was so jealous at the time.  I only recently learned that her mom make the skirt!
Aside from a few hand sewn sock monkeys, I didn’t sew again until 2011.

2. I am 4’11” on a good day.  Through (mostly) diet and (a little) exercise, I have lost a considerable amount of weight over the past year and a half.  Sewing has been really therapeutic to me in terms of body awareness and acceptance.  Blogs and websites like pattern review have also been a wonderful positive influence because I can see people of all shapes, sizes, and fit issues rock it in self-created garments rather than bemoaning the fact that nothing in the stores fits their shape, style, or budget.

3.  I sew on a Brother CS6000i, but I am hoping to upgrade in the next year.  I don’t have many complaints about my machine, and would definitely recommend it for a beginner.

4.  My husband and I aren’t “formal dining” people, so I claimed our formal dining room for sewing space when we bought our house.  I didn’t pull out my machine until 9 months after we’d moved in, but it hasn’t been put up or gathered dust since.

5.  My favorite color is orange.  Red is a pretty close second.

6.  My favorite band is the Old 97’s.  I am going to see them in concert next month, and I am working on a dress for myself inspired by one of their songs.

7.  Other than sewing, I really enjoy playing Dance Central for xbox, though I haven’t done very much of it for a few months.  It’s one of my non-sewing new years resolutions to get back into it some more.

9 thoughts on “Blog awards and other navel gazing

  1. Haha! I can’t believe your friend’s mom made her skirt. I made my first skirt when I was 9, and it was terrible– chambray, elastic waist, really shoddily made. I shed so many tears before I finished the thing! Mine was for 4-H, not Girl Scouts, though. :)

    • Thanks! I’ve seen them live a few times, but I’m especially excited this time because Too Far To Care is probably my favorite of their albums, and they are doing every single song!!

  2. iloveshoes says:

    We use our formal dining room once per year so I am thinking of claiming it for a second sewing room. My current sewing room is a very small bedroom. However, I don’t get all the space because even though the bed has been taken down, it is against the wall with a dresser in front of it. The only problem with the dining room, though, is that there is no door.

    • There’s no door to my dining room either. The only problem with that is keeping my 2 kids out of my stuff, and being extra vigilant about the iron.
      The room is actually one of the most decorated in the house, so I don’t mind people seeing it. I’m pretty good about cleaning up between projects.

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