In progress: M6599

This weekend, I started a muslin for McCall’s 6599.
The fabric is another fabric row find, but not one I’m especially attached to. I had serious doubts when cutting the fabric, but I figure it’s a muslin. It can be ugly.
Then I opened out the right sides, and wow….
The back (+Yogurt the pug).
The front.

I’m always amazed when a fabric I’m not particularly impressed with turns into something awesome. I am really excited to see this finished now. I think it will be really interesting.

I also picked up a contrast for my Enterprise fabric.
It reminds me of a galaxy, and it sparkles. If the muslin works out, I’m planning to do the sides and waistband in this.

3 thoughts on “In progress: M6599

    • Thank you! It’s super soft and silky. The way the pattern plays out reminds me if flames.

      Noooo. You can’t have it it’s MINE! I spent time this weekend trying to hunt down more info on it, so maybe I could find more, or find someone else that had made something out if it, but no luck.

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