Another blog award!


Thanks to the Amazing Taracat for including me in this award for bloggers with under 200 followers :)

As part of this award, I get to answer 10 questions, and then nominate 10 others and ask my own 10 questions. For “under 200” I’m going with the bloglovin’ stats.

My questions, answered:
1. What made you start sewing? I was spending a lot of time online shopping for pretty an unique dresses, and noticed most of the clothing I was interested in was based on just a handful of silhouettes. I’d find dresses made in fabrics I LOVED, but in styles that weren’t to my taste, or a great style of dress in a fabric I disliked. Or something that had it all, but was way out of my budget. I’ve never been especially trendy, so mall shopping is usually a bust, and I was getting bored with the offerings from the few sites that offered clothes that appealed to me. I really wanted to take control by making my own garments, so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time and money finding clothes that interested me. Of course I probably still spend as much time and money hunting for fabrics and patterns, but it is much more fulfilling.
2. What is your favourite make? The first dress I made myself (Lemon Dress) has gotten the most wear. I also am really proud of how my Effie Trinket turned out.
3. ..and your least favourite make? Not counting UFO’s, the Matryoshka Dress has been the most disappointing.
4. Which of your projects has taught you the most, and what did you learn? I learn something from every project, I think, but I did the most muslins and pattern adjustments with Effie Trinket.
5. What proportion of your garments actually get worn in real life? I’ve worn them all in public at least once. Lemon dress and Cosmo Cricket dress probably get worn the most because they are easiest to iron, and I hate ironing except when I’m sewing. The Kati Cupcake dress is in my daughter’s regular rotation. She chooses her own clothes, and I think she tries to wear that one at least once a week.
6. What do you do with your sewing fails? Bin? Recycle? Refashion? I try to make it work through picking and re-sewing seams, and I haven’t had too many that are completely unsaveable. My Tiramisu bodice was tossed, but I saved the skirt portion to make a (still unfinished) skirt. I royally messed up a M6543, and was able to reuse the scraps for the Kati Cupcake dress.
7. Do you have a tried and tested pattern that you keep coming back to? Not yet. I’ve only been doing this for a year, and have too much fun trying out new patterns. I’m hoping that once I finish the craftsy fitting class, I can use my altered pattern as a TnT for a 4dart bodice front/2 dart bodice back.
8. What garment made by another sewing blogger do you wish that you’d made? I couldn’t pick just one. It seems like every day someone posts something amazing. It can be quite intimidating!
9. What would you be doing in your spare time if you weren’t sewing? Maybe playing Dance Central. I haven’t done too much of that since I started sewing- only have time for 1 hobby! Or maybe I’d be more on top of my housework and chores!
10. What has been your favourite moment since starting your blog? The interaction with other bloggers for sure! It’s nice to be able to reach out to people that have similar interests!

My 10 nominees, in no particular order. I enjoy each of these so much for their sense of style and blogging “voice”. You all really keep me inspired:

Cuckoo Chanel
Bobbins and Whimsy
Peanutbutter Macrame
Seam Ripped Blog
Sky Turtle
The Sometimes Sewist
The Dressmaking Diaries
Red Point Tailor
Simply E.Go.Tistical

My 10 questions to be answered:
1. What is your favorite fabric to sew?
2. What kind of machine do you use?
3. Show me a picture of your sewing space!
4. What inspires you?
5. What is your favorite pattern?
6. What is your favorite thing you’ve made?
7. Least favorite?
8. How long have you been sewing?
9. What’s your favorite sewing tip or trick?
10. What do you want to make next?

12 thoughts on “Another blog award!

  1. Congratulations Miss Parayim, on your lovely award! Love your Lemon Dress, it’s so sunny and happy. And your Effie Trinket dress came out wonderfully!!

    And, thank you so much for the nomination!!! I am honoured to received this award from you! I’m delighted that my silly little blog keeps you inspired. That’s what it’s all about!! Kitty is pretty chuffed, as well. :)

  2. Gah, you’re too sweet!

    We started sewing for very similar reasons. It’s hard to justify a Kate Spade dress that’s just a boatneck fit-and-flare, or an exquisite Oscar de la Renta with crazycakes detailing that costs as much as a black-market kidney. Enter: sewing!

    • Thank you! And thank you again for the award!
      I actually started this blog this past December, and all posts before then I imported from my personal blog on a different platform, so Effie wasn’t very visible to the sewing blog community at the time.

    • Thanks! I wouldn’t call it a fail, but there’s quite a difference between my hopes vs reality for that one. Maybe I’ll try it again once I figure out my fit issues.

  3. Thanks for the nomination–reading over your list, I feel like I’m in such distinguished company! Someday, when bridesmaid dresses are behind me, I will definitely write my official “thank you” post :) Until then, my whole life is about this upcoming wedding. . . which is not even my own!

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