Sewcializing on twitter

I’ve recently been turned on to twitter, and it’s been so much fun!  I never really had an interest in using it for personal updates, but for sewing geek talk it’s just about perfect.  I often have sewing chatter I want to share, but it’s not enough for a blog post (and blogging isn’t all that conversational, anyway), and I don’t want to spam my facebook feed with it because 90% or more of them don’t care or can’t relate.
Where I can post a quick pic of my Craftsy fitting course muslin in progress, get a verbal high five, and move on with my life!
Or I can tell the #sewcialist community I’ve decided to reward my hard work on learning fitting (because I am very impatient and want to move on to wearable things) with a spoonflower splurge, and what should I get- voile or crepe de chine?
And that question lead to a lively discussion about the fabrics, how they are different from other fabrics, and even speculation that the Center for Disease Control uses crepe de chine (CDC- har har har) for their drapes.
Yes, twitter hits the sewing chat spot.

We thought it would be fun to make #FabricChat a regular thing, and Leila at Three Dresses Project has a post with a poll so we can settle on a time.  So, head on over there, pick your favorite time slot, and come chat fabric!

And if you want to hit me up on twitter, I’m @MissParayim, and I would love to see you there!

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