A trip to New Orleans and fitting progress

When we last left off,  I was in the middle of Lynda Maynard’s Sew the Perfect Fit, and dragging my way through it whining about wanting to make something wearable.

3 weeks later, and not much has changed. I’m coming off the busiest period of the month at work, which was preceded by a 3 day work trip to New Orleans. I was able to work on the muslin again last night for the first time in 2 weeks, and I feel like I’m making good progress. I’m in the middle of cutting out my 3rd (final? If I’m lucky) bodice muslin, but ran out of muslin (gee, that sounds awkward), so that will have to wait.  I might be able to call it done this weekend.

While my trip to New Orleans was  mostly work related, I did have time to find my way down to the apparel fashion fabric shop, Promenade Fine Fabrics. I’ve made a habit of Googling for local fabric shops whenever I’m going to be away from my home turf, and New Orleans did not disappoint.  Lucky for you all, twilltape made a trip and great post about this shop just a couple of weeks before I was there, and I think she described it (and photographed it), better than I ever could, so I must go on and just share my finds!

First, this beautiful cotton lawn. It’s a blush pink, with an Asian inspired toile print. It feels so delicate and airy, and although I usually go for bolder colors, I just couldn’t leave it. I imagine making something full skirted and breezy that will be beautiful and cool in the hot Atlanta summer that needs to hurry up and get here already!!!
Some detail of one of the toile motifs. I was so taken by the texture of this fabric, I didn’t even examine what was in the toile images until I photographed it. It’s a cream on pink, so it’s pretty subtle if you aren’t looking closely.
With my hand underneath to give an idea of the sheerness. I think I will underline it with something peachy. It’s kind of in between a peach and a bubblegum pink, and I don’t want to push it closer to bubblegum.
The other fabric I picked up doesn’t really jive with my lack of photography skills + cell phone camera, but here we go anyway:
It’s hard to capture the color for some reason, but what’s coming up as gold, is really a lighter green. The first picture probably comes closest to real life colors.

The guy that helped me out was pretty awesome. He had left law school to come back to the family business, and he was a lot of fun to talk to and very helpful. When I picked out the lace, he asked if I was planning to line it. I said “Well, of course!  Otherwise I’d be indecent!”  And without missing a beat, he said “Yeah- If you had said no, I’d have to come to Atlanta to see that!”  hahaha!  It’s been a while since a random guy has said something cheeky to me, so I bought 4 yards. Thanks for the ego boost, Promenade fabrics!

13 thoughts on “A trip to New Orleans and fitting progress

  1. It’s nice to hear about your trip to Promenade — it’s my closest “nice” fabric store at 2.5 hrs away. Glad you had a good time. Herbert and his son are wonderful. Nice to know there are other southern sewing bloggers out there :)

    • It was a really nice shop! It’s always nice to visit local fashion fabric stores- I saw you went to G Street in DC a couple of months ago. I’m going to DC next month, and hope to visit there. It looks amazing!

      • It is a large store and I really enjoyed all their trims. I was disappointed that it wasn’t actually in the city but instead a half a day’s trip away (round trip) if you take public transit. They have a decent selection of fabric but I thought it was really over-priced. I just could not bring myself to pay $60/yd for silk charmeuse that I knew was $25-40 elsewhere. If you live in Atlanta (am I remembering correctly?), I would rather shop at Gail K’s. But I agree with you, I will always take the opportunity to visit a local fabric store when given the chance :)

      • That’s disappointing about the prices! I’ve been to Gail K’s a few times. It’s great, but so packed with fabric it can sometimes be difficult to weed through what they have.

      • Yes, Gail K’s is definitely packed and I wouldn’t want to go there when I was in a rush. Are there any other good fabric stores in Atlanta? I get up there about once a year…

      • For fashion fabric, not really. There are a few nice quilt shops. Little Quilts in Marietta is my favorite, and is cottons only.
        Sew Main Street in Woodstock is about 80-90% cottons, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen voile there and maybe baby corduroy? It’s a bit of a hike for me, so it’s been a while since I was there, but I remember their cottons were very nice, and there was a small (but pretty) selection of non-quilting fabric.

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