Oh LOL McCall’s

The new McCalls patterns are out, and I can’t stop laughing at the photos for M6809.

Gold lace skirt with 1 paisley and 1 fur leg warmer. Well that’s a pretty bold choice. What are my other options here?
Wait- what is that thing she’s perched on? Where is the seat? Is it some kind of fancy saw horse?

White lace bootyshorts with 1 lamb skin and 1 furry white +Pom Pom leg warmer. The poor girl has tripped on the Pom Pom! Her purse is a thing of beauty, at least.

Squatting in a miniskirt while wearing a tasseled knit leg warmer with snowflakes and some kind of fringed leg warmer with a wrap around tie. She obviously took a note from the fallen Pom Pom and decided sitting on the edge of the chair was the safest way to go with all that tassel, fringe, and wrap.

Red miniskirt with 1 leg warmer in some kind of plaid and 1 leg warmer in maybe a Native American print? Fucking hipster. She is the only one to successfully manage a walk, but it seems like a pretty clunky one. I wish she could have worn flip flops instead of the 4″ heels, because she looks really uncomfortable and unsteady, but I suppose that is a ridiculous idea.

5 thoughts on “Oh LOL McCall’s

  1. It’s hard to sell something that is ugly, hehe. The only leg warmers that sort of make sense are the furry ones, but they look like they are part of a Star Wars Con costume. Oh, pattern companies, you are trying too hard!

    lol – I’m still partial to the hilarious Vogue leg up and bent at the knee with dead-fish arms held back.

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