Project pondering- choosing the next costume

I need to update about the costume I’ve been working on for Rarity (from My Little Pony), but I just don’t have time for a big post with pictures and process details… Soon, I hope.
In the meantime, I’ve been turning around different cosplay ideas for after Rarity (theoretically, for dragoncon), and keep coming back to two: Elsa or Call the Midwife.
Pro Elsa: I’ve wanted to do that blue dress since I first saw the movie and she pulled her hair down an transformed.
Pro Elsa: I can wear it as a Halloween costume and everyone in the ‘hood will recognize it and go bonkers for it (con: that made me feel weird and out of place when I wore my Effie Trinket costume)
Pro Elsa: I’ve already got the fabric (mitigating: I can still make the Elsa costume, but maybe not in time for dragoncon/Halloween this year)
Con Elsa: I will probably be 1 of 1000 Elsa’s at dragoncon, and I won’t be the best. I’ll feel shitty if I’m the worst.
Pro Elsa: it might be fun meeting up with other people in frozen/Elsa costume, and there’ll probably be more this year than next year.
Pro CTM: getting to cosplay a likely under represented fandom for a show I truly love.
Con CTM: less recognizable, probably won’t work as well for Halloween.
Con CTM: waaaaaay less “wow” factor/sparkle
Pro CTM: it would be awesome to be recognized and find other fans while wearing the costume
Con CTM: I’d need to get fabric (mitigating: could use cottons, which are cheap, easy to sew, and breathe so more comfortable in summer heat)
Pro CTM: costume is probably easier to make, more risk of not being able to finish Elsa in time.
Tough decisions :\


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